Compact Filters

The Arkal SK 2” Compact filter is a stand alone, polymeric, automatic disc filters with a patented self-cleaning
backwash mechanism.
The Arkal SK 2” Compact filter is for flow rates of up to 20 m3/h (88 gpm) with filtration degrees ranging from
20 – 400 micron. Inlet /Outlet - 50 mm (2”) diameter.

The Filtration Process

The discs are stacked on the SpinKlinTM spine and assembled according to pre-determined water filtration
requirements. During filtration, the discs are compressed by means of a pre-loaded spring and differential
pressure, forcing the water to pass through the grooved disc surface, thus trapping the solids.

The Backwash Process

Activated by a pre-determined time command or differential pressure, the filter enters backwash mode. The inlet
valve port shuts as the drain valve port opens. Water flows through a bypass filter screen into the outlet valve and
into the filter. During the backwash process, pressure is released and the spine’s piston elevates, releasing the
compression on the discs. Tangential jets of filtered water are then forced through the nozzles positioned along
the spine. At this stage the discs spin freely, loosening the trapped solids which are then flushed out.
*Please note: During backwash of the 2” Compact downstream flow is suspended.

External Source Backwash

The inlet and outlet valves automatically change position, and opens the drain and external source ports.
Pressurized filtered water from the external source enters the filter through its outlet port and backwashes it.

Air Aided Backwash

Main benefits:
• Enhanced cleaning power, especially on fine filtration degrees
• Minimized backwash water volume
• Low pressure operation
• Reduced backwash time per filter pod (<10 sec)
• The air and water mix at a minimum pressure of 2.5 bar generates
the optimal cleaning performance in spine technology
A clean & dry air pressure source is necessary to operate the filtration system (supplied by the customer).