Dust suppression

Dust is generated by wind erosion as well as by moving, crushing, grinding or milling materials to a finer size. It consists of solid particles larger than 1 micron (µm) in mean diameter. Particles less than 10 µm are the most dangerous, as these can enter the respiratory system and cause breathing difficulties.
Among basic methods to achieve dust control, wet dust-suppression spray systems increase humidity/moisture content in the product stream, helping to minimise dust overall and prevent it from becoming airborne. Moisture can be added to the material when it is stationary or moving.
Barstone’s Dust Suppression System suppresses dust at source by preventing it from becoming air borne or by returning it to the main material. The system utilizes water nozzles that produce fine mist droplets. The fine droplets suppress dust through agglomeration. Chemical based systems are used for improved retention and efficiency. Barstone Irrigation Systems is a supplier of bespoke dust suppression systems

Industries that apply dust suppression systems:

  • Steel and iron mills.
  • Open cut and underground mines.
  • Power plants, coal terminals, airstrips, quarries, and railroads.
  • Shipping and grain terminals
However, the application of dust control systems is not limited to these industries.
The benefits of dust suppression systems includes:
  • Reduces the risk of fire and dust explosion.
  • Enhances safety: Increases visibility at the work place.
  • Dust suppression prevents unpleasant odours.
  • Reduces site maintenance and cleaning costs.
  • Reduces equipment wear hence saving money.
  • A healthier workplace helps boost employees' morale.
  • Reduces waste of valuable materials.
Dust can settle in a number of places and is not limited to the boundaries of the plant. It can contaminate delicate ecosystems especially in wetlands and rivers. While it is nearly impossible to stop the creation of dust, with the correct methodology and products, it is possible to contain it.
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